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More client testimonials


I am very proud of what I do.

I’m very lucky to be in an area of Law where its a win-win situation.  I’m not fighting another lawyer but am trying to bring relief to people who otherwise would suffer with crushing debt.

When I get their debt forgiven in Bankruptcy, their lives have improved and so has mine.  It is a a great feeling for everyone and I’m proud to have done it for over 27 years.

Perhaps these testimonials will give you an idea of what we do and how we treat people.

They are honest and nothing has been made up or altered. The only change I have made is to reduce their names to initials at the end, for their privacy.

Thank you.

“I had reached out to Brian, scared to death and not knowing what I was getting myself into but I really had no choice. I put everything into his hands and he treated me and everything I turned over to him with the utmost care. My time was valuable to him as well and he was the absolute most experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared attorney I have ever met. We sat in the courtroom watching one person after another get turned away for one reason or another, lack of information, or something incomplete or what have you. Brian made sure every “i” was dotted, every “t” was crossed BEFORE we ever even got that far. He anticipated every single move, by his experience, his research and his homework. You are not just another person to him, you are a human being. He makes you feel comfortable and not stupid for needing help. I have recently reached out to him yet again for another situation, and I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t have the most absolute faith in him! You wont be disappointed!!!!” S.J.

Excellent bankruptcy attorney, does not pre-judge and makes a very difficult time tolerable. Excellent knowledge of the bankruptcy laws. Also has an assistant Barbara that is very professional. Gave us a new start and I will be forever grateful.”  T.A.

“I hired Brian to file my Bankruptcy. I had lost my job and within 6 months my husband also lost his job. I was scared and didn’t know a lot about Bankruptcy. Brian explained everything thing to me in away I would understand and made me feel so much better. It took about 2 months from start to finish which he had told me that. I could not be more thankful to Brian and his wife Barbara who works with him for giving me the fresh start I needed.”  N.L.J.

If you are in difficulty with debt, please call me.  There is no pressure or obligation.  I’ll speak to you personally and answer all of your questions.  Call me at (954) 612-0135. If anyone besides me answers, just say “I want to speak to Brian”  They’ll put you right through.