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Excerpts from some of the many cards and letters sent to me:

“I had reached out to Brian, scared to death and not knowing what I was getting myself into but I really had no choice. I put everything into his hands and he treated me and everything I turned over to him with the utmost care. My time was valuable to him as well and he was the absolute most experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared attorney I have ever met.” 

Both Brian & his lovely paralegal Barb, helped me through this stressful time with confidence & professionalism. They both helped me feel at ease, & assured me this wasn’t something I needed to be ashamed of. Everything was explained clearly, & both were always available to assure me that all would be well, or address any concerns I may have had. From the first time speaking with Brian, I knew I need not look any further for a lawyer; I found him! I would highly recommend this winning team to anyone facing bankruptcy.”   A.L.D.

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How long will it take to file my case? 

The average time to file is about 2 weeks.

Can I be forgiven my other debts but still keep my house and continue to pay my mortgage?  

Yes.  You state in the Bankruptcy that you want to stay on the mortgage that you have now. It will pass through Bankruptcy unaffected. 

If you are in a foreclosure, however, or you have been foreclosed on already, you indicate in the Bankruptcy that you wish to “surrender” it, and you will be forgiven all of the remaining money you owe on the house.

Even if you just want to get out of the house because it is worth so much less than you owe on it, (you’re “upside down in the house).  You can do the same thing.  You can walk away from the house, and you owe nothing!

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If this is you… get your life back on track!  It’s very easy and confidential too.

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On the Video Pages (click this button VIDEO PAGES)  you will find lots of short easy to understand videos on the most popular topics, as well as answers to your most common questions.

Such as:

The IRS video which tells you how your I.R.S. debt can be forgiven in Bankruptcy

The Chapter 7 video which tells you what a basic Chapter 7 is all about

The Chapter 13 video which tells you all about that type of Bankruptcy.

 And very importantly!  The 401k, Pension and Retirement video which tells you how these are all protected in Bankruptcy.

See them in any order you like.

Each one is short, simple, and easy to understand (and I speak in non-legal language)

But first, watch the Introduction Video above if you haven’t already done so.

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