Save your home and assets
Eliminate credit card debt
Stop creditor calls and harassment
• Permanently erase old I.R.S. Debt (3 yrs or older)

Your right under the Constitution
Quick, and final, with no embarrassment or shame
• Your employer, family and friends need not know


You should know, that most of what you have heard about Bankruptcy is wrong!

Bankruptcy is not the same in every state.

Florida is more liberal than any other state.

You will not go to Court. You will not see a Judge.

You can keep more property in Florida than in any other state because Florida has "opted out" of the Federal scheme when it comes to exemptions. ("Exemptions" = things that cannot be taken by the Court)

• Web sites that talk of Federal Bankruptcy law as if all states are the same are wrong!

Furthermore, the Bankruptcy code has been revised several times in the last few years.

The old rumors of how long your credit will be damaged and how long it takes before you can establish credit, are no longer true.

There is no shame, stigma or embarrassment in Bankruptcy anymore. That went out years ago. In fact, the Bankruptcy Court has declared that it is a perfectly good reason to go bankrupt for any "valid business reason". This means getting out of a bad lease, an obligation or obligations or debts that you can no longer afford.

Likewise, there are no good or bad reasons for filing Bankruptcy. The Court does not look down on those people who are in debt due to gambling, inability to control spending, alcoholism, bad investments, bad marriages etc. Nor does it look favorably on those who file because they have had terrible health problems or have lost a breadwinner or spouse. The Court is completely neutral.

Everyone is treated alike! Each person is treated with respect and dignity, and there is no reason for anyone to feel that they do not "qualify" for Bankruptcy. There is no qualification. It is everyone's right under the Constitution of the United States. I have done hundreds of people who were everything from spendaholics and gamblers to those wiped out by incredible medical bills, bad divorces or failed businesses.

I have helped Doctors, Lawyers, Priests, Janitors, Bus drivers, Policemen, Mailmen, Retirees, Businessmen, Business owners of every description, Bartenders, Firemen, Housewives, Teachers, Laborers, Students, People who have never paid their Income Tax, and hundreds of ordinary people with overwhelming debt just like you, in just about every occupation there is.

I have never found the Court to treat any one better than the other, and all have been forgiven their debt.


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You will know what debt will be forgiven and what the consequences may be, if any, to filing Bankruptcy.

I have been practicing Bankruptcy exclusively for over 22 years.

The vast majority of my clients have been able to keep their property and be forgiven all of their credit card debt and personal unsecured liabilities and loans on business debt.

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